Everyone is free to join the political party they support. Accordingly, the Winnipesaukee Republicans wish Representative Bill Marsh well in becoming a Democrat.

We’re saddened that in leaving the GOP, Marsh chose to assail Winnipesaukee Republicans as “extremists.” The Winnipesaukee GOP is led by common sense Republicans, as it has been for years. Certainly Marsh had no qualms accepting our campaign contributions.

Contrary to Marsh’s charge, opposing Biden’s vaccine mandates is not extremism. Limited government and protecting individual liberty are core Republican beliefs and traditional New Hampshire values.

Mandates are an affront to these ideals and a threat to businesses and care facilities already short on staff. Notably, both Governor Sununu and Senator Bradley oppose Biden’s mandates.

Ronald Reagan, whom Marsh says he esteems, said, “Man is not free unless government is limited.” Reagan also said the nine most terrifying words are, “I’m from the Government and I’m here to help.”

Today we’re faced with something truly terrifying, a President saying, “I’m here to take away your job, your ability to support your family, possibly even your right to travel or buy groceries, if you don’t do what I say.”

Republicans support the vaccine, especially for older or health compromised citizens, but we oppose mandates.

Individual medical needs and health concerns vary. There are diverse reasons why someone might forgo the vaccine, including unresolved questions about myocarditis in young men and long term effects in women of child bearing age, as well as rights of conscience.

Everyone should be free to consult their doctor about getting vaccinated. We should respect private medical decisions made with informed consent.

Chiefly, nobody should be coerced, threatened, vilified, demonized, forced out of work or treated as a second class citizen for not being vaccinated. This isn’t extremism, just common sense and good government.

Winnipesaukee Republican Committee
Matthew Plache (Wolfeboro), Chair
Kimberly Tessari (Ossipee), Vice Chair
Honorable Stephen Schmidt (Wolfeboro), Treasurer
Representative Glenn Cordelli (Tuftonboro), Secretary