Matthew Plache of Wolfeboro has my strongest endorsement to succeed me as Carroll County Commissioner from District 3. I urge everyone in Carroll County to vote for him. 

I am confident that Matt will continue the work begun under my Chairmanship of modernizing the County’s financial systems and human resource practices, and Matt will help maintain County departments and services at a high level while keeping budgets in check.

Matt is a common sense family man who understands the everyday problems faced by working people. As an attorney for 34 years, Matt’s clients have included numerous government entities, making him well-suited to serve as a Commissioner. 

Matt has demonstrated his commitment to public service as a member of Wolfeboro’s Budget Committee and as Carroll County’s appointed representative on the Carroll County Broadband Committee, where he was recently made Vice Chair and his contributions and insights are well received and a great help to the Committee’s efforts. Carroll County residents, families and small businesses need better broadband and as a telecommunications lawyer Matt will help us get there.

Matt believes strongly in the importance of public safety and will support our Sheriff’s Department, dispatch center and County Attorneys. As a farmer, Matt is committed to agriculture and will look out for our County Farm. He also values and will protect our Mountain View Nursing Home. Matt understands the very important role served by our Registry of Deeds and will ensure the archive is protected

Most importantly, Matt believes that government works best when run with openness, transparency and accountability. With a county budget approaching $34 million, that’s exactly what we need. 

Matt is a forward-looking candidate who will help guide Carroll County into a prosperous future for us all. Please, everyone, vote for Matthew Plache for Carroll County Commissioner.

Amanda Bevard
Wolfeboro, NH