Beverly Bruce: Vote Kim Tessari for commissioner or risk another term of incompetence

The question of the hour, where does Carroll County stand? All voters in Carroll County have a very important choice in the upcoming local Republican primary — who do we want on the ballot in November for Carroll County commissioner from District 2? Will we stick with business as usual, more of the same, and renominate a commissioner who is systematically failing the county? Or, in light of all the financial disarray we’ve lived with for far too many years at the county complex, will we bring in a new and qualified candidate?

Kim Tessari is the answer. Kim is energetic, hardworking and qualified. She’s smart and caring. She’s professional and respectful and courteous to others. With her background as an attorney and prosecutor, she’ll make sure the county follows state laws requiring timely financial audits and public disclosures.

The incumbent’s days of referring to influential female politicians as “flower power girls” must end. We must end the incumbent’s reign of misogyny and unprofessionalism.

Allow me to say I was offended by Commissioner Dave Babson’s letters suggesting Kim is unqualified to serve as a commissioner because she has a job and is a mom raising children. Such archaic notions and good-ole-boy attitudes are destroying the county’s reputation and degrading working Carroll County families.

I urge all voters to elect a fair-minded commissioner who will help shepherd Carroll County into a better future. We must vote for Kim Tessari for commissioner in the Republican primary, or risk another term of misogyny and financial suicide.

Beverly Bruce